Thursday, March 4, 2010

The most powerful tool in the world is...

the human brain, of course. Yet, it is also terribly under utilized. I read in a book by Tony Buzan that people only use 1% of their brain to memorize things. I wonder what the other 99% is used for? Well, I know the brain is responsible for controlling thousands of bodily functions which we take for granted so that must be keeping it busy everyday.

In today's Borneo Post under the comics section, there was a very cute comic strip entitled Zits. Below is the conversation between Jeremy and his brain.

Jeremy: C'mon, brain! You have all of the knowledge I need for this final and I need it now.
Brain: Sorry, I don't work well under pressure.
Jeremy: Fine. I'll take the exam without you.
Brain: Wouldn't be the first time.
(After a moment)
Jeremy: At least help me with the multiple-choice questions!! (and proceeded to strangle his brain. I did say it was comics, didn't I?)

The brain is capable of great creativity but we tend to subject it to what Anthony Robbins called "Learned Helplessness". What do I mean? Answer the following questions quickly:

When you are wearing your pants, which leg goes in first? Left or right? If you were like most people, you would probably not be able to answer that instantly. Don't worry. Now go and try it and see which leg goes in first.

Done? The next thing for you to do is this. If your left leg goes in first, now try to use your right leg and vice versa. (This is when people start losing their balance and start falling down)

What's the purpose of this exercise other than finding out which is your preferred leg? Well, it's to show us that we don't challenge/ question the norm enough. That results in what my professor friend says 'square thinking'. And it also explains why people have predictable behaviour and habitual patterns.

To have a breakthrough, first start with breakthrough thinking. To have breakthrough thinking, start by challenging your own thoughts and ideas. That's what people teach in creativity classes. And it works! Try it.



  1. very nice sharing. I never realized which legs go in my pants first. Now, i know. hehe. Between, does this mean that the leg we tend to go in first is the part of brain that we use most?

  2. Thanks for dropping by Lina. Actually, it doesn't tell us that. It is just a habit which we are so used to that we don't give it any second thoughts. To really tell which side of the brain you are using more, look at which hand you are using to write. If you are right-handed, then you are mostly 'left-brain' and vice-versa.

  3. o.. Now i got it. Thanks for the explanation. No wonder i like 'organized' things a lot('left-brain') dominant? hehehe... :P

  4. Wow... I jumped to wrong organ. Ha Ha
    I thought it was the TONGUE. . I guess we use it lot as Toastmasters....

    I concur with what you shared and like Lina... observing which leg go in my pants.... he he he.