Friday, April 30, 2010

My Humbling Experience

I had a humbling experience this week.

On Tuesday, I accompanied my mother to the Government Hospital in Miri to meet up with the Orthopedic specialist from Kuching to discuss about Mum's impending spine surgery. On that day, the wait was reallyyyyyyyyyyy long. I had canceled all my appointments that morning and figured out that the appointment would probably be over latest by 11.00am. Normally, by 10.45am we would be at the pharmacy already.

I looked at my watch. 11.30 am and it wasn't mum's turn yet. I was beginning to lose my patience and really felt negative about this experience. In my mind I was seeing all the unfinished work that I had waiting for me and wished I could be doing it then. So, my whining and "Oh me, Oh my" mode started operating.

Then, I believe God spoke to me. A thought flashed past my mind and I immediately regretted whining about the situation. Well, the thought was a simple one: When you were younger, your mother waited for you when you were in school and then waited for you to send you for tuition classes. Later waited for you again to fetch you home. And waited for you some more when you have any extra curricular activities. That probably went on for a good 12 years. What's your 3 hours compared to the years your mother waited for you without griping?

Like I said, I was humbled. I felt so bad about it. I'm not writing this because it's near to Mothers' Day and I suddenly feel sentimental. I think everyday should be Mothers' and Fathers' Day. Go and do something special for them to thank them and show them our love. They've showered us with theirs for a good part of their life (more than 50%, in fact).

I'll end this post with the video of the song "Child" or "Anak" which was originally a Tagalog song performed by Freddie Aguilar.

Father and Mother I Love You!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Words are...

harder than rocks, sharper than knives and deadlier than poison.

Just yesterday, I was at the clinic to buy some medicine for my son. Sitting next to me was a mother who was hugging her baby and next to her was her slightly older son who was probably 2 or 3 years old. The older boy wanted to put on his slippers and after a few attempts was still not making any progress (he was wearing his left slipper on his right foot and vise versa), his mother just said "So stupid" loudly and impatiently adjusted the slippers for him. Then, as if to register her poison in her son's minds, she repeated the same words again, "So stupid". My goodness!

Words can build and words can destroy. Choose to build someone today. In my opinion, the worst losers are those who themselves couldn't achieve their goal and would ensure that others couldn't achieve theirs, too, by using their poisonous words to destroy hope.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

House husband for 1 week

This afternoon I sent my wife to the airport to catch a flight to KL. She will be there for 1 week to get treatment for her sinus problem. So, I have to be the househusband from today till next Tuesday. I have a funny feeling that this will be a very long 7 days for me. Hmmm... I wonder why?

I guess it's not easy having to juggle household and work together. That's why all the working mothers who have to take care of their children and husband (sometimes the husband are even more difficult to take care of) have my full respect. This is a tough job, I tell you.

I'm missing my wife already. My son was even faster. Right after my wife entered the departure hall, Jordan looked like he was going to cry. But he was a brave boy and he just muttered to me, "I don't want to be friend with you." You see, I played a (BIG) role in him not going to KL. The original plan was for him to go to KL with his mummy. But then I felt the trip won't be good for him, what with the AH1N1 situation and all that is going on now. Better for him to stay at home, right? In the end he was persuaded (of course with the reward of going swimming at Eastwood Valley, visit to Toy's World, go to the Arcade centre at Boulevard Hypermarket and buy him a BOMBA toy set).

But children have very short temper. Within 10 minutes, we were the best of friends again. Then again, it's probably because I'm a great Dad, right? LOL!

Well, a new day awaits me tomorrow. And the best part is I'll be bringing him to attend an event planning meeting in the evening and he is so excited about it. That'll be a new experience for him.