Thursday, July 2, 2009

Goal Setting

I was inspired by a quote I read somewhere.

"Failure doesn't happen when you plan big goals and don't achieve them. Failure happens when you plan little goals and hit them."

Now, I don't know who said this but this person sure made sense. Often times we limit ourselves to how much we can achieve because there is always the 'voice' at the back of our mind reminding us 'Can-meh?' And when we listen to that 'voice' we naturally set ourselves a goal that is attainable, something small, 'organic growth' and comforting. Something we know we will not fail to achieve.

But honestly, if we can't fail to achieve it, then it's not a goal anymore, right? It should be called something else. Maybe a task, a chore, etc... but certainly not a goal. A goal should excite you, sets your adrenaline pumping and there must always be the risk of 'what if we fall short?'

Dato' Idris Jala, the boss of MAS said this, "Play the game of the impossible." When humans are faced with something impossible, it's amazing what creative solutions we can come up with. It was once impossible for humans to fly, right? Richard Branson has just launched Virgin Galactic, an airline that will bring you to space and back for just USD$200K per person. :P And the best part is this: They have already secured USD$40 million in bookings!

Here is a suggestion how we can set 'impossible' goals. Hope it helps you.

1) Write down your goal - it must be quantifiable so that it is measurable (for e.g. losing weight is not very clear. However, losing 10 kg will be quantifiable)
2) Now set yourself a growth rate (or in the case of losing weight 'negative growth' rate). E.g. 10%, 20%, or 50%. Be sensible.
3) This is your goal, right? Wrong! This is something which we are comfortable to write down.
4) To play the 'game of the impossible' set yourself another growth rate. E.g. 30%, etc...
5) Do you feel your heart beating, your inner voice saying 'can-meh?', your sweat starts dropping? Congratulations! You are ready to play the 'game of the impossible'.

Dream big, think big and achieve big!


  1. HI Luke. Good of you to come up with this. Look forward to your postings.

  2. Thanks for your encouragement. I appreciate it!