Friday, October 9, 2009

When the going gets tough...

Sometimes, things can be tough. I know because this year I have faced one obstacle after another. In fact those who know me are beginning to ask if I was jinxed? And for awhile, I was thinking about it, too.

Well, as a child of God, I know that if one is going through hell, don't stop! The only way to get out is to continue going and believe in Him for deliverance. The Bible tells me that His mercy endures forever and is new every morning. Thank God for that!

The latest episode in my 'interesting' 2009 happened like this (the funny thing was I didn't even know about it). I was in my office and I felt a funny sensation in my left toe. My toe was painful and it felt hard. When I finally took off my shoes at home, I noticed that it was reddish in colour. I immediately applied some medication, thinking that it was just a mosquito bite, or something harmless. Well, little did I know the next day, my left foot was swollen and the pain grew. I went to see a doctor who prescribed me some antibiotics and cream. No improvement. The following day, another doctor. More antibiotics, painkillers and anti-histamine. Well, still no improvement yet. So, I'm going to see another doctor tomorrow. This time, it will be a skin specialist. You can see from the picture how it looks like.

Anyway, I trust my God that He will deliver me from whatever situation that He allows me to be in. Do keep me in your prayers, will you?


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