Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What My Injury Taught Me

Recently, I experienced one of the worst physical pains ever in my life. To cut a long story short, I dislocated my left shoulder in a freak accident in Melaka. The irony of it was it happened when I was having fun at a theme park. Talk about bittersweet. This was the second time I dislocated my left shoulder. The first time was in 1994 during a Wushu free sparring tournament in Kuching, Sarawak. My opponent managed to yank my shoulder out of its socket. The match ended as a TKO.

This round though, I was very thankful I had 3 friends who accompanied me throughout the whole ordeal lasting approximately 3 hours. (Thank God for friends who are caring) At the hospital in Tampin, Negeri Sembilan, I was given 21 days of Sick Leave by the doctor and adviced to get plenty of rest. Well, for good or for bad, throughout this time, I went through some periods of soul searching. First, I was thinking about the path to take for my future. Second, I was rethinking about the whole idea of corporate life.

Well, luckily before I kept on going down the "Oh me, Oh my" tunnel, thank God I met my physiotherapist who asked me why I was still working when I have been given sick leave. My reply was "I had no choice." To which he replied, "You must be an important man for your company lah". I laughed. I never thought of it that way. Perhaps, when people still call on you regarding work when you are on leave or sick leave is a sign that you are important and they can't do without you. (Some will also say poor management on my part, too. Can't please everybody)

Suddenly I felt proud about it but at the same time, it also put me in perspective. What does the company really care about? Me? Or what I'm paid to do? You know, I believe everything that has happened has a reason behind it. And I strongly believe in blessings in disguise. Perhaps this is one of them right now.

God, grant me the wisdom to deal with this situation and give me the vision to know which path I have to take. Amen!


  1. Dear Luke,

    a lot of truth . I agree that everything happens for a reason... it is only a matter of our own perspective and attitude in responding. And I do believe these are blessings in disguise. I believe that in every trial there is triumph.

    May God bless you and I was told that NO one is indispensible. Take care.


  2. Dear Molly,

    Thanks for visiting and dropping a line. What you say is so true. No one is indispensable. In fact, that's what makes life go on everyday, even though that may sound scary and cruel. What we can do is pursue what we love and what makes us happy. That's the Pursuit of Happiness.

    Have a great day and God bless!


  3. In every situation there is always something to learn... In every event, there will always be an outcome and we as born again is proud to say, God is the master of them all...

    God's blessing may seem funny at times and painful in many.. but know this, God is only doing so in order to shape us, chisel us into a perfect creation

    Love u brother
    Xiao Ti