Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Life Made Complicated

This scene is probably quite familiar. At the restaurant or hotel washroom (especially those trendy type), we chance upon someone staring at the sink, studying the tap to try to figure out just how s/he could force some water out of it. Has this ever happened to you before? Sure did to me.

Which made me think: the water tap is so essential to our daily lives and yet we make it so complicated and some even requires a degree in rocket science to operate it! Imagine you go to a cafe to order a cup of coffee.

You: Can I have a cup of coffee, pls?
Barrista: You want Java, Arabica, Bali, Vienese?
You: Give me Vienese, pls.
Barrista: Ok. You want expresso, cuppochino, latte?
You: Give me a latte, pls.
Barrista: Excellent choice. You want full cream milk, skim milk or fat free milk?
You: Fat free milk, pls.
Barrista: Cow or goat?
You: Forget it. Just give me a Kopi-O?
Barrista: With or without sugar?
You: With sugar, pls.
Barrista: White, brown or artificial?
You: ?#@*!!!

Are there somethings which we have made overly complicated in our lives? For example, I must have this, and this, and this, and that, and this before I can be really happy. If we pause for a moment and compare it to the water tap. Do I really need a fancy water tap if all I needed is just access to clean water?

Let's make things simple and be happy always!


  1. It did happen to me TWICE! The 1st was at the Halo Cafe, Miri and the other one was at Kuching. I couldn't remember how the tap worked at Halo but I still remember the one at Kuching. I was staring at the tap and then someone told me to put my hand closer to it because it needed to scan my hand. I was a little embarassed but then that's how the world has changed. Things may become complicated and we just have to move on together no matter what right? : ]


  2. Yes, we do have to move on no matter what curve ball is thrown at us. However, it is funny that man would go through so much of hassle to be different or creative and some are just simply ridiculous, right? Like the tap at Halo Cafe, Miri. I had to use it at least 3 times before I could remember how to operate it. Ha! Ha!

  3. Hi there...I totally agree with Sarawak..kopi 0 kopi C kopi peng/ping kopi 0 kosong....etc..the list is too long..and then I ask..please give me Nescafe Arabic...hahahaha..with Ideal Milk...ooops.

    I was stumped by water taps many many times...ever seen one with sensor? put your hands on the right or on the left and water comes how would you know it will be hot because some one had used it before you did? and you yell till Sarikei!!!or have a heart attack.
    I think the management need to give a pictorial explanation if they want to use very innovative creations....customers do not like to be made fools of (so to speak). Or someone one would sue...

  4. Hi Sarawakiana@2,

    Thanks for dropping a line. I agree with you that management needs to give a pictorial explanation for things. If they did, I'd probably not have dislocated my left shoulder at A-Famosa resort last month. I was going down a water slide at full speed. Funny thing was, there was no resort staffs nearby to do safety briefing, etc, and certainly no pictorial explanation about how we should position our hands. Well, I exited the tunnel slide and landed hard in the pool, dislocating my shoulder upon impact. What an experience.